A "peephole"

I've decided I'm just going to start talking to you guys a few days a week, if not daily; whoever may be following. I hate to call it blogging because most blogging doesn't seem to have any real substance to it's content. I'm not interested in comparing my life story to a Restaurant review. Let's call this online journaling where, perhaps, you'll get to learn something about me, my music, my influences, and my perspective on all things pertaining or related to this "music business" 

Basically like a small peephole into my world of music. 

I wish I had a long list of dates and gigs to post for you guys instead. I wish I had interesting content to add daily. Great photo shoots, album release dates, and general good news, but the reality is; I don't. I don't always have such great news to share. It's costly to generate videos, photos, and other professional grade content. Also, venues are tough to get into, for a variety of reasons I won't get into, but at the end of the day let's just say I can't blame them. For a dream that seems so particularly individual there are many, MANY, others vying for the same slots at the same places. To get those slots you need to stand out somehow; you need to grab some attention. How does one do that? 

It's a question I ask myself daily, but I've finally summarized it as such (for now anyways). 

How does one stand out? -> By being noticed. 
How does one get noticed? -> By generating a buzz
How does one generate this buzz? -> By having some awesome content to get people talking. 

It really does come down to a grassroots effort. Cut an album; An awesome album, and spread the hell out of it. Back in the day it was the job of Record Labels to make you "famous" so that your albums would sale and they'd collect. With the invent on the internet that is all out the window, and it's not like that anymore. 

ART copy.jpg

So it's up to the musician to try and figure out how in the world they can make all this happen, and we essentially become marketers, which is sad yet necessary at once. Yet if you can get that buzz started you fight like hell to keep it going. Well, that's kind of getting to where I'm going with all this. My last batch of recorded music was made in 2012; It was released in 2015 by me as the 'Just For The Night : EP'. If you know it, great, and thank you, but it's definitely loosing it's buzz. My engagement grows more and more stagnant, and I tell you, I've only just begun over here! It's time to stir up the pot some (so to speak) and get this thing kicked up again. Easier said that done, but trust me when I say I still have a ferocious desire to record and share music with you all, as well as tons of music to get recorded!

I'm going to cut this post there for now and call it part 1 of 2; to be continued. Tune in to the next post to discover my thoughts on where to go from here. There is plenty of interesting things brewing over here, I hope you'll follow along. 

Cheers all.